Press Release from Sandler Hudson Gallery:

Atlanta artist Tania Becker will be exhibiting a new body of work entitled “Jellies,” colorful works on paper are an exploration and deep descent into the subconscious. The image of a jellyfish is used to symbolize emotional layers of the past and to provoke insight and self reflection. Just as the jellyfish moves with the currents and tides so does the artwork pass through forms and colors into a new direction

2004, Andisheh Nouraee, Creative Loafing, November 11, Visual Quartet at Moving Spirits Gallery

2002, Camille Goswick, The Story, November 14: The Spirit of Creation

An excerpt from the above story:

Painter Tania Becker says the spirit that drives her work makes for some of her most wonderful pieces.

“Spirituality is always there; it’s magic when you’re painting a painting and all of a sudden it starts painting itself,” Becker says. “And when that magic happens, it’s so wonderful. You could be with another one and struggle and struggle and struggle and you may resolve it, but it’s the ones that paint themselves that are so masterful and so spiritual.”

2002, Jennifer Perry, The Collegian, October 7, WCA Exhibit Arrives on Campus

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